Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Dalabai ( Hungary )

ZENEPAVILON - Platán tér, 19 July 2017, Wednesday, 17:30

Ancient sounds and thoughts in the universal language of music from all over the world. By interpreting folk songs and our own compositions we would like to invite people to a cultural journey through a world where ethnicity, skin color and gender does not matter, where only the music, the love of music and the recognition of the overlappings between musical styles exists. Our band’s name ’Dalabai’, originates from the word ’Dalabáj zenér’, the ancient name of nightingale, with this name we would like to knowingly refer to the ancient roots and the ancient language. Our varied repertoire consists of well-known Hungarian-, Moldavian-, Csango and Turkish folk songs, Sephardic love songs, Albanese nursery rhymes, gipsy matrimonial dance melodies and contemporary rhymes. Although for the latter one we do not exclusively use authentic folkish presentation, with other performances we very much do so, we almost always sing the original language version of them. In the instrumentation we would like to boldly mix the authentic soundings with other musical styles, for example the gipsy musics of joy with jamaican latin rhythms and the unique sounding of the klesmer, thus creating a multicultural atmosphere, because our philosophy is that the various folk styles have much more in common than one would think at first, because the music is in everyone and it disinterestedly connects generations countries and people.

Luca Kis-Kovács - Vocal
Zsolt Deli - Accordion
László Heigl – Double bass
Gáspár Iványi - Guitar, plucked string instruments
Tamás Schlanger - Percussions
Dávid Szalkay - Trumpet


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