Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…


The enchanted lake – Turkish tale

The fisherman is led to a magical lake by a ghost, where the rumbling water sounsd like singing. If you would like to know what the lake becomes when the magic disappears, where the juggler ghost is led by the words, and who is hidden in the miraculous castle – come to see our tale! The play of the juggler, the story teller and the musicians is fiery magic – not burning your skin but your heart – be aware!

99 fiery Kabbalah

Moldavian mythical play with hilarious music and fire-jugglers!

Angel-lambs - palóc legend fairy tale

There is a place beyond the waters where there are chants in the House of Love, and where the lambs change ... Ancient legend with a multitude of musics.
Performers: Gerzson János, Gulyás Anna, Jablonkay Judit, Ölvedi Gábor

The rainbow coloured horsie – Spanish tale

Andalusian tale in which the daughter of the Kalifa falls in love and the beloved boy is in the prison of the Kalifa. But the rainbow coloured horsie helps them both. The tale is performed by oud, flamenco guitar, drums, singing and with the help of a dancing giant puppet.

The release of the Sun and the Moon – Gipsy tale

Evil dragon takes the lights from the sky and two brave lads go the release them. On the way back with the lights in their hands one of them gets tanned by the Sun: he is the father of all the Gipsy people. The Moon makes the other pale: all the white people derive from him. With lively and heart touching music we tell the really ancient story of the first Rain also: so open your eyes and heart!

Wing of World, the Liberation of the Sky - a mythical game from Moldavia with giant puppets

In the Moldavian story about the robbery of the Light, Wing of World will restore the beauty of the worlds, with a tidal horse.

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