Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Café Loti ( Rome )

SZIMPLA KERT színpad - Platán strand, a Nagy gasztrosátron belül, 17 July 2017, Monday, 23:30

Meetings, sounds and aromas on the shores of the Mediterranean


Three musicians with a solid musical background engaged years ago in the research of the Mediterranean and Eastern folk music.

They unite in an original project that serves as a bridge between past and present, between "cultured" and popular music, between western and eastern traditions.

According to the tradition, the world's travelers stopped in Istanbul's old Café Loti for a conversation, to meet each other, to play and to clear

the differences between North and South. The melodies, the instruments, the rhythms were soaring.

And if it is possible for the body and the mind to wander, the historical journey to which Nando Citarella, Stefano Saletti and Pejman Tadayon 

invite us is a path starting from Spain, which then meets the French troubadours and popular singers of Naples and South Italy, 

crosses the territories of Sabir singers and the ancient Silk Road and Persia, then transformes and creates a new music that is able to live from the new light; 

to touch and fascinate those who listen to it.

All this to prove that music is the "language of the possible", where meeting each other means enrichment, transformation, innovation.

So it was for centuries before ignorance and fear raised walls and boundaries.

The tammorra resounds on a Greek bouzouki, the saz, the setar and the oud accompany the jew's-harp and the tenor sing.

In addition to traditional songs, the repertoire includes melodies from the Spanish Sephardic traditions, medieval songs, classical Persian music, madrigal and tarantella music, and folk ballads. It is a holiday in music that crosses the Mediterranean area on the routes of the ancient travelers.

Their album has been released in December, 2015, distributed by Sound Materials. A disc that reached the final phase of the Premio Tenco 2016 in the category of the dialects and minority languages.

Nando Citarella: voice, frame drum, chitarra battente, jew's-harp
Stefano Saletti: bouzouki, oud, guitar, percussion, voice
Pejman Tadayon: saz, oud, tar, setar, ney, voice




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