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Iparkutya ( Hungary )

CSAVARGŐZÖS színpad - Balaton Csavargőzös Műemlékhajó, Boglári kikötő, 22 July 2017, Saturday, 17:00

Iparkutya (formed in 2010, Budapest, Hungary) is a fresh name on the world music scene, though its members had known each other for years through the underground world music scene, many of them playing together in the band, ‘Club Era’.

Iparkutya’s energetic world music is rooted in both ancient rhythms and modern melodies. The band’s musical journey explores the cultures of the Balkans, Australia, the Middle-East and beyond, while maintaining the typical Hungarian spirit at its core. Iparkutya likes to be flexible and spontaneous, improvising and inviting guest musicians to create dynamic gigs. This is perhaps the key to the band’s growing success and reputation: no matter if it’s a street festival, a small pub or a big stage, Iparkutya always finds a way to please its audiences all over the world.

Despite its brief history, Iparkutya already has a number of successes under its belt, not only in the Hungarian club and festival circuit, but also in venues throughout Europe, making audiences dance in France, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Basque Territory and beyond.

Prominent Appearances:

Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (SP)
Satellit Café, Paris (FR)
Babel Sound, Balatonfenyves (H)
Valley of Arts, Monostorapáti (H)
Dürer Kert, Budapest (H)
Beseda i Bigbitu Festival, Tasov (CZ)
Urban[t]est Festival, Presov (SK)
Haizetara Street Festival, Amorebieta Etxano (EUS)
A38, Budapest (H)

Balázs Balogh - sax
Janó Nemes - szx
Balázs Tőgyi - guitar
Ádám Zeitler - tapan
Tamás Sziklai – bass
Balázs Latorczai - didgeridoo

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