Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Cosa Polska ( Hungary )

ZENEPAVILON - Platán tér, 22 July 2017, Saturday, 17:30

Cosa Polska is band that grew in numbers and skill while playing regularly in one of Budapest's famous bars - Krimó. The diversity of its members is surpassed by the diversity of music they play and languages they sing in, ranging from Cuban Salsa, old Polish swing, Brazilian pop, Cumbia, Russian ballads, through the spirited sounds of Balkan brass bands, and Hungarian Gypsy Folk.


Robert Dakowicz – accordion, voice
Tímea Grénus – clarinet
Gergely Nagy – percussion
Judit Nagy – percussion
Peter Varga – guitar
Lili Rontó – saxophone
Carlos Sanz Blesa – guitar, voice
Dávid Szemző – bass, vocal

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