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Vrelo ( Serbia )

Nagyszínpad, 19 July 2018, Thursday, 21:00

VRELO’s music is simple, natural and logical, but unusual and original fusion of traditional Serbian singing and new music genres (punk, rock, reggae, dub, techno…). It is bridge between now and then, here and there. It is music for dance (Serbian kolo, ritual dance, dance arena…), for love and hope, for tears and for joy… VRELO keeps musical genetic code in a “special package” and brings a new treasure to the world music scene. VRELO is an art, culture, entertainment, burlesque…

VRELO was founded by Natasa Tomic at the very beginning of 1996 in Ruma, Serbia. Up to 2003 VRELO performs traditional vocal and vocal-instrumental music of Serbs and other Slavic nations, but with original arrangements. In that period the small orchestra of traditional instruments was also part of the VRELO.

In the autumn of 2003 the bass player Stanko Tomic joined the ensemble and brought ideas that changed music concept of VRELO. Traditional instruments were replaced by electric bass guitar and drums, and vocal-instrumental ethno ensemble was transformed into band. VRELO still uses the Serbian traditional vocal music substance as the basic element of their work, but combines it with modern music and stage forms. At one side the minimalistic approach, simplification and nakedness of the expression through only two instruments (bass guitar and drums), and on the other side several female voices moving between old, inherited archetypal patterns and modern expression, are joined in the music of VRELO into unique wholeness.

After entering BBC`s The Next Big Thing 2007 VRELO was chosen among over 2500 performers from 88 countries to play in London at Maida Vale studio and won 2nd place of this prestigeous competition with their song Posle Mome.

Ever since, VRELO had a lots of performances at big festival and prestigue clubs an many Europian cities (Paris, Berlin, London, Oslo, Prague, Graz, Saint Petersburg, Budapest, Zurich...). In Serbia VRELO performed at all important festivals (Exit, Guca, Nisville, Zajecar Guitar Fest, BELEF...).

VRELO is a band with a well formed music expression, but it is not afraid to make changes. With every performance they make a step forward, building themselves and growing as a musicians. Various music experts (critics, producers…) see their music as very recognizable, strong and original, comparing to standard criteria. VRELO is one cheerful crew, always opened for new challenges and joys!

VRELO in Emir Kusturica’s Punk Opera “Time of the Gypsies”

Other than working on their own music, VRELO has great luck and priviledge to cooperate with few top artists. The first place in VRELO’s double life takes work with the director Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra.

At the end of summer 2003. VRELO took part in the recording of the soundtrack for the film “Life is a Miracle” by Emir Kusturica. This cooperation continues in 2007. when VRELO becomes part of the cast in Kusturica’s punk opera “Time of the Gypsies”. Opera was performed for the first time in Paris in the Opera Bastille and played there during the summer.

VRELO and Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra still work together with success. Other than the engagement in the opera, VRELO are occasionally guests and support the concerts of TNSO.

Nataša Tomić
Stanko Tomić
Zlatko Sakulski
Marijana Bizumić
Ivana Jovanović
Brankica Ivanković
Maja Martić
Ivana Jovanović

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