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Golosa La Orquesta ( Chile )

Szimpla Romkocsma, 19 July 2018, Thursday, 00:00

Golosa La Orquesta is born in 2012, experimenting and inheriting middle 20th century music, restoring and blending in and crafting new sounds, cultural and social crossings, resulting in a fresh and current identity.

Theirs members come from diverse regions in Chile, leading to a variety of influences flowing into their creations. Latin-american rhythms such as bolero, milongas, waltzes, huachaca-jazz, tango and others are fused with touches of jazz, swing, folk, and rock. Some of this can be heard in their second EP ’La vida enloquece’ and their first videoclip of the same name, released in March 2016.

Some classics have been restored and reinterpreted, such as ’Besame mucho’ and ’Piel Canela’, inculded in their debut album recorded in Triana studios in early 2014.

The band has performed int he most diverse and demanding national stages as well as internationally, this dynamism has gathered praise from the national and international press from Colombia and Argentina.

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