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Fado Violado ( Portugal )

Nagysátor, 18 July 2018, Wednesday, 23:00

"A Jangada de Pedra" will be the first album released by Fado Violado, representing a summary of our work. You will find some themes that we've been playing on our live shows, some of them are well known Fado classics and others are original songs and poems about traditional fado.

This record manifest our perspective about Fado, an Iberian perspective theough the Flamenco culture and sounds.


Our name, Fado Violado, comes from the fact of this project does not use a portuguese guitar, typical of Fado, but instead a spanish guitar, a viola. In the beginning we also used a gamba viola. Its our intention to induce the most conservatives spirits and to charm the most progressive ones.

Fado Violado, a project that crosses the fado with flamenco, was born in 2008 from the hands of Ana Pinhal and Francisco Almeida, after a first long-term collaboration in the extinct group BoiteZuleika.

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