Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

DzsinnKalaDzsi ( Mongolian-Russian-Chinese-Hungarian )

Nagysátor, 18 July 2018, Wednesday, 11:30 (DzsinnKalaDzsi gyerekműsora)
Nagysátor, 19 July 2018, Thursday, 11:30
Nagysátor, 21 July 2018, Saturday, 11:30

DzsinnKalaDzsi is an international world music band, based in Budapest, Hungary. Formed in november 2014 with Hungarian, Mongolian, Chinese and Russian members. The band is often referred to as "special" and "unique in Europe". Our music and exclusivity is a great addition to any event's line up. We play fusion world/folk music with intsruments representing all continents: sitar, tobsoor, jew's harp, panflute, guitar, violin, dohola, djembe, darbuka, bongo, cajon, didgeridoo. Besides our own compositions we play our own arrangements on hungarian, mongolian, chinese, kazah, indian and other folk songs. The performance varies between authentic and modern and between pure acoustic and electronic depending on the event.


In 2017 we had very successful concerts in France, Italy and Transylvania, as well as in Hungary. We can say, that because of our special and easy listening music, people from all ages present at our concerts and leave satisfied with good memories. We made it on the front page of a French newspaper, and gave interview to the local French television:


The band likes to help and play on charity events. Also supports the musical education, especially the youth, on events like "Gyüttment Fesztivál", "Babel Sound" or "Mediawave". DzsinnKalaDzsi also organizes instrument and educational workshops, family programs including gastronomy, music and physical activities. We like to collaborate with musicians playing in different genres, coming from different cultures. At the present we are working on a  musical child play, it will be available from the summer of 2018.


Our motto: “We as human beings have so much more things in common, than differences we have. If in music, rhythm and melodies from different cultures could fit in nicely in harmony, than we as people can do that as well. Music is the universal Language.”

Journey Around the World Music is an Interactive Musical Education Program for Youth, with the purpose to talk about the origins of various instruments and point out musical correlations through folk music of different cultures, including a folk song of the host country or region as an option. The main educational course a series of 10 lessons is available for 5 different age groups, with different levels of educational content. Because of the variety of the instruments used from all the continents some of them not often find in Europe it makes the experience interesting and unique. Main instruments are: the sitar, the Mongolian tobsuur, the cajón, the didgeridoo, the pan flute, the jaw's harp,the dohola, the bongos, the djembe,the guitar, the Andalusian lute and the violin. Our Mongolian singer makesthe program even more exciting as he demonstrate tuvan overtone singing and throat singing. The aim of the program is to expand knowledge about music by introducing the instruments over five different folk songs. Also pointing out their role in the arrangement and in the culture they are originated from. Audience can be involved interactively with singing, clapping and trying out the instruments. Background video content also available as an option.


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