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Los Chocolatinos ( Spanish-Cuba-Colombia )

Szimpla Romkocsma, 18 July 2018, Wednesday, 00:00

Los Chocolatinos is a band of musicians and friends who work together with renowned artists as Malú, Canteca de Macao or Habana Abierta. They have been playing at La Negra Tomasa, a place famed for Latin music in Madrid for more than 10 years. Since their inception they have played in many places and events in all around Spain including Real Café Bernabeu, Laydown, Marula Café, Berlín Café and Instituto Cervantes.

Their varied repertoire ranges over styles from standards of classic salsa, son, merengue, bolero to more modern rhythms like timba. Playing both well known songs as Guantanamera, Son de la Loma, Lagrimas Negras or Oye Como Vá and more up to date music, they satisfy all the audience from experts to less insiders.


Alejandro Gutierrez - guitar, voice
Julián Olivares - tres cubano, guitar
Yago Salorio - bass
Rodrigo Díaz „El Niño” - timbal
Pepe Prat - congas

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