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Celina da Piedade ( Portugal )

Nagysátor, 19 July 2018, Thursday, 23:00

Celina da Piedade is an accordionist, singer and songwriter. She has made a wide range of musical voyages with her accordion and her voice, and she knows the forms and colors of tradition. Her music is rooted in Portuguese tradition, at the same time it is contemporary and universal. Her audience is captured by her expressive, unique music, her stage presence and charisma.

She began studying music at five and was seen in public shortly. She has participated in the creation of over 50 record editions, film soundtracks, theater and dance performances as an artist and songwriter. She is currently part of the great collective, TaisQuais, partnering with the greatest Portugese artists, Vitorino, Tim, Sebastião, Serafim, Jorge Palma, Paulo Ribeiro and João Gil. She has participated in hundreds of dance and traditional music workshops as a player and a trainer. She is committed to studying and promoting the Alentejo musical heritage. She is co-author of 'Notebook of dances from Alentejo'.

Celina da Piedade  has two solo albums, ‘Em Casa’ and ‘O Cante das Ervas’.


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