Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…





The setting of the festival is a scenic environment on the northern part of Somogy County on the southern shore of Lake Balaton. Balatonboglár, the home of 6000 people is a holiday place, the centre of a wine region and also a cultural centre. Thanks to the excellent site everybody can have a good time. Whether you’d prefer a pleasant excursion, a fine meal, bathing in the Lake Balaton or a good concert in the evening – all are possible.
You can enjoy Babel Sound Festival in 2016 in Balatonboglár, for 6 days in 6 venues.

PLATÁN BEACH (Platán Strand)

Venue 1: Screw Steamer Ship (Csavargőzös) stage

Venue 2: Music pavilion (Zenepavilon)

Venue 3: Double stage & event tents

(8630 Balatonboglár, 1. Platán tér: 46° 46' 47" N, 17° 39' 19" E)

A tunnel of plane trees leads us to the entrance of the beach of Balatonboglár. Here we can find the Music Pavilion (Venue 2). On the long green beach there’s a beautiful view (with the perfect sunset). At the western end of the beach there’s the historic Screw Steamer Ship – a small museum – which hosts one of our stages (CSAVARGŐZÖS – Venue 1). Between the two places there’re the double stages (the place for the louder, faster music to dance) and the event tents (Venue 3).

Venue 4: RED CHAPEL (Vörös kápolna) stage

Venue 5: BLUE CHAPEL (Kék kápolna) exhibition place

(8630, Balatonboglár, Kápolna utca, 46° 46' 32.22" N, 17° 39' 37.48" E)

Walking to the Kápolnadomb (Chapel Hill) we find ourselves in a fabulous location. There’s a red and a blue chapel hidden among the trees, plus there’s a small open air stage resembling a Greek theatre, our place for live music (Venue 4). During the festival in the chapels we can attend exhibitions inside.

Venue 6: KULTKIKÖTŐ main stage

(8630, Balatonboglár, Árpád u. 17, 46° 46' 39.66" N, 17° 39' 39.02" E)

On the way leading to the Gömbkilátó (Sphere Lookout) at the bottom of Várdomb (Fortress Hill) there’s the open all year Művelődési Ház (Culture House of the town) – among many other cultural events it’s the home of theatre productions organized by Kultkikötő Company. In the summer the open air stage – located behind the building in the garden – is the place of the prestigious event ’A Jazz és a Bor Fesztiválja’ (The Festival of Jazz and the Wine). Babel Sound Festival programs start here every day at 21:00.

Venue 7: VÁRDOMB - SPHERE LOOKOUT PARK (GÖMBKILÁTÓ PARK) – stage & event tents

(8630, Balatonboglár, Kilátó utca, 46° 46' 47.86" N, 17° 39' 37.73" E)

At the top of the Várdomb (Fortress Hill) we are surrounded by a Mediterranean atmosphere. There’s the Gömbkilátó (Sphere Lookout) emerging from the green of the pine trees – which is the emblem of Balatonboglár – if you arrive late at night you can see it lit from the highway! Next to it on the declivous top of the hill there’s our big stage. We can enjoy the soft, fine music laying in the grass or dance free whenever the music calls us or we feel like.

Venue 8: BABEL CAMP - Szimpla Kert stage

(8630, Balatonboglár, Szabadság utca 28.) HUGE GREEN PARK

This used to be the centre of the wine-company BB. Now, with its huge garden and old buildings it’s the headquarter of our festival and is called Babel Camp. The renovated houses got new functions all set to the needs of arts. It provides an active way of recreation for artists. Here you can find the well known Budapest seated cult ruin pub’s summer one-week-stage: Szimpla Kert stage.


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