Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

More than music - a lovable festival not only with music, not only for adults

The one week cultural madness came with the afternoon on the 17th of July, in Balatonboglár. The Babel Sound Interactive World Music Festival opened its doors again for the audience and the artists coming from all over the world. Concerts, dance houses, international cultural programs, exhibitions and gastronomical tastings took place continuously, and the acces to all the programs was free this year!

Musicians from 40 countries of the 5 continents attended the seven years old world music festival, and the audience could enjoy exotic, international performances on the stages every afternoon, from 5 pm. What else than concerts can we find in this festival?

For the early birds, there were yoga classes starting every morning at 9 in the Indian tent. At 10 am the children programs began. The Évkerék theatre company brought the world to the children and their parents through Turkish, Spanish, Moldavian and Palóc folktales. Each day by lunchtime, the festival invited the public to taste the culture and gastronomy of different countries such as Indonesia, Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Italy, to mention only some of the nations representated.

On an interactive festival one cannot be only observing the happenings from outside, but also has to participate in them. Here you can learn how to create a mask as they do it in Venice, hit the African percussion, or play on a tabla from India. You can prepare authentic Italian pasta, get henna tattoos, make batiks, paint mandalas or even create Indian souvenirs as presents for your friends. And when you're caught up in the rhythm, you can participate at Indonesian, Israeli, or African tribal dance workshops, learn the steps of the Sicilian tarantella and pizzica or even the basics of belly dancing. 

And the gastronomy could not miss this year either, every day another nation - every day a new flavor. One of the attractions of the festival is that musicians coming from distant countries are also preparing a typical dish of their nation, so you can taste it too. 

If you got tired of the great total cultural enthusiasm, you could go to listen to Shama Rahman's stories from her Antarctic trip, discover the Moroccan tea culture or the Indonesian music philosophy. You could go to a four-person chess party and win the Greek mythological quiz. Or have a photoshoot, dressed as a Greek warrior or as an ancient wise man. According to taste.

Babel Sound also provides an opportunity to create and play together, discover the world and each other through art. You can take part in a unique cultural world journey in a beautiful environment right on the shore of Lake Balaton...


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