Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Bands from 15 countries on the free festival at Lake Balaton!

Babel Sound shakes the world this year again. Benin, Cuba, Belgium, Spain, India, Chile, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Morocco, Iran, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Colombia, Serbia and of course Hungary is the full list of the countries where the artists come from to the festival in Balatonboglár, starting on the 17th of July.



The Babel Sound Festival is seven years old, and the main focus at the selection of the bands was in this year too on inviting musicians who were not been seen at other festivals in Hungary, offering a kind of fresh, colorful choice for the public among summer festivals.

The concerts will start at the monumental ship next to the Boglár harbor, and by the entrance of the beach under the open air music pavilion at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and every night at 8:00 pm two concerts are greeted by the audience at the large stage on the free beach.

Some names are worth mentioning amongst the performers separately.

Doctor Prats is coming from Catalonia. Mediterranean tones, ska, reggae, punk rock mixed with a little electroswing. In 2016, they won the Enderock Prize Award for the best album. Currently, they are Barcelona's most wanted young band. They are on a Hungarian stage for the first time and as the festival's 'headliner band' they will surely win the audience here too.

Also the Ogun Afrobeat comes from Spain. Ogun means the master of the tools and chains, the god of the iron. Their music also reflects this: The gang combines the rhythms of living afrobeat and North American music (soul, funk). The frontman is the Nigerian Akin Dimeji Onas, one of the best African drummers in Spain.

The band that travels to us from the farthest is probably the Subhira coming from Chile, who are bringing a unique blend of Latin American and contemporary electro-acoustic music from South America.

The Dutch band, Bandgladesh is not playing on the main stage. In fact, it does not play on any stage. Their nightly performances are held on their own, white, 100 square feet inflatable textile tent. They say that their music is not the most essential during their performances, but the pulsation and vibrations that the audience is experiencing in the tent during the mysterious play of sounds and lights.

Altogether there are 44 bands on the one week festival, and during the day you can join many programs.There will be exotic dancing and instrument teaching, children programs and national craft workshops. For example, you may learn to play on an African tribal drum or to treat a real Italian pasta. Access to the festival is free!


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