Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Speeding up-cooling down body motion


We have a recommendation for you! The body motion camp program of our art partner Bajna Zsóka will be held at the same period as Babel Sound Festival 2017 in Balatonboglár:

„Speeding up-cooling down body motion camp in Balatonboglár

at the Babel Sound Interactive World Music Festival.

July 19-23 (fromWednesday morning to Sunday noon)

Focus on developing body awareness, re-tuning breathing, coordination and strengthening the balance,improving the natural fitness of the body, active and energizing relaxation.



Traditional Javanese Dance Elements (Coordination, Endurance, Body Knowledge, Balance)

Integral Tai Chi Flaw (Breathing, Energy, Flexibility, Harmony)

Kinesics (movement of joint surfaces and spine)



Bajna Zsóka

Indonasian state scolarship awarded dancer, Integral Tai Chi instructor, Kinesics-gymnastics developer trainer


Movement gives self-confidence, posture, ease, energy, raises creativity, refines intelligence.


The practices restore the posture and develop the breathing, strengthen the endurance and add a dynamic to life.



6am to 8am: Integral Tai Chi Flaw and Meditation (optional)

9:30am to 12:00: Physical Developer Training with Kinesics

2pm to 5pm: development of the coordination and of the endurance with choreographic elements of Java Dance and with ITC. 


And from the afternoon you can enjoy the festival!


(Subscription: until the 30th of June with a deposit of 10.000Huf, max. 15 people, in arrival time order.

Price: 45.000Huf which includes accommodation, meals and education for five days. The possibility of instalment payment is available)


More information and subscription: or +36702351950 

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