Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Free world music festival at Lake Balaton


Babel Sound will not let the summer pass without world music. On the beach of Balatonboglár there will be an amazing, cultural mess between 17-23 July, 2017. There arrives the music, the art, the taste and sweet smell of the world: the Babel Sound Free interactive world music festival.


In the most interactive way, and for free!

The 7-year-old Babel Sound Festival is going to hit this year too! It brings the most special and even more exotic artists from the different points of our planet to the shore of Lake Balaton. 

Not just performers, but artists who live their profession as a passion and share it with each other and with us. It is a real cultural meeting where the sounds never stop, and mainly musical and dance programs are held.

Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Israel, Italy, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Guinea), Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Argentina),  Romania and of course Hungary will introduce us to their culture. As always, this year too, unique performers are coming, appearing in Hungary only at the Babel Sound Festival. Among many bands the Dutch Bandgladesh, the Italian Oi Dipnoi and Café Loti, the Spanish Miramundo, Ethnomada and Doctor Prats, and the Serbian Naked will give concert. We will announce soon the rest of the performers.

Every day we start the morning with family programs, musical and fairy tale performances for children, then during the day we can get to know the folk customs, traditional clothes, dance and music of distant cultures. We also can taste their exotic flavors and spices during lunch. 

In the afternoon there are presentations of the cultures and instruments, then come the concerts! 

At the entrance of the beach, we can enjoy live music at the open-air pavilion, also on the monumental ship called Csavagőzös in the port of the city if we catch the sunset during a walk. 

Every evening after sunset two concerts will be held on the big stage on the beach. And as the night comes, the hilarious jam sessions known only at the Babel Sound Festival begin, where the music is constantly born and transformed within the framework of a joyful and beautiful musical chaos. 

And all this without entrance fee!


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