Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Babel Sound Festival 2018 – The Whole World At Your Doorstep

This July 16-22nd Babel Sound and Balatonboglár becomes the centre of the world again where a real, free and family friendly world music experience awaits everyone.

In the time of politics-filled billboards and border fences it is an exceptionally refreshing experience to arrive in a little town by Lake Balaton which hides a meeting point for the whole world. We gather to have a good time together in peace, freedom and equality. If someone happens to know nothing about the festival, despite being organized for the 8th time, it is because the organizers aim to keep the homey, family-friendly, DIY feel of the event unlike other professional oriented larger ones. This guarantees that every guest feels like part of the festival.  No ticket is needed to travel to our favourite locations. This year Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Senegal, Guinea, Argentina, Serbia, India, Iceland, Chile, Morrocco, Italy, Greece, Albania and the Netherlands bring us the many colours of the World. Hungary’s artists include Meszecsinka, DzsinnKalaDzsi, Chalaban and Holddalanap. Musicians gathered here channel the beauty of their world, their happiness, sorrow and every little aspect of their history through their music.

The festival pays particular attention to family progranmes this year. Every morning starts with a music-filled play for children, followed by interactive activities in the thematic tents where everyone can get to know the culture, folklore and dances of the participating countries. This year Italy, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Portugal and Morocco get their own tents where, among many others, dance workshops, pasta making and DIY sessions await the visitors. They can even enjoy the waves of Lake Balaton between the programmes as the whole festival is situated right next to it. The afternoons are busy with instrument demonstrations and dance sessions that make a fitting introduction to the concerts. After these, the nights usually turn into one big jam session. 


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