Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

From gamelan workshop to Bollywood dance – Dive into the babelic crowd!

Concerts and interactive programmes at Babel Sound Festival

Besides world music concerts, many other activities await festival-goers from July 16-22nd in Balatonboglár, through which they can experience the mysterious, archaic and colorful customs of foreign cultures. 



This year, musicians from almost 20 countries bring us their art filled with both traditional and modern elements. We will hear many bands who are babelic enough themselves as they mix various customs and create their own worlds from them.

The festival’s highlight, the ambassador of Indonesian reggae, Ras Muhammad does the same by merging the Rastafari culture with traditional Indonesian folk music, which has brought him huge success ever since he started it. He played at the previous Sziget Festival and now he’s coming to Babel Sound for the first time to bring us his unique sound. The essence of world music is delivered by the Icelandic Heida Björg who lives in Morocco, her band is based in Paris but play with a Balcanic influence. Banda Zeitun from Catalonia are not  newcomers for the festival as they appeared in the previous years. Their aim is the same as before: to connect the banks of the Mediterranean sea through their music. Senegal is represented by the national star, Ibrahima Cissokho, who was born into a traditional bard/griot family but often mixes blues, jazz and classical music into her songs. Greek rembetico is presented by band Rembetico, Turkish jazz by Bilal Karaman and Indian tabla by Akash Bhatt. The energetic Serbian girls from Vrelo will visit us too. Hungary is represented by bands such as the psychedelic folkrock band Meszecsinka, Fugato Orchestra and the Mongolian-Russian-Hungarian unison DzsinnKalaDzsi. Many Spanish performers are invited besides them.

Visitors also get a chance to exchange their cultural experiences in the six thematical tents set on the shore of Lake Balaton. This year Portugal, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Italy and Morocco move to Beach Platán at Balatonboglár. Are you interested in how traditional Italian spaghetti pasta is made? Visit the Italian tent where you can learn to make it with your own hands, but don’t forget to taste the wines afterwards. Are you not only a music but a nature enthusiast? Make your instruments from recycled materials! Get to know gamelan music by taking part in the Indonesian music workshops where you can learn more not only about the insturments, but the unique and extraordinary Javaian music theory. In the Indian tent, Bollywood dance workshops, henna painting, batik dying and yoga, led by a real yogi, await you. If you are interested in azulejo, the art of traditional tile dying, visit the Portuguese tent. In the Turkish tent you can learn about felting, henna painting and ney, a folk instrument. The Experience Music location is an important new addition to the festival: everyone who is interested can learn a Hungarian folk song under 25 minutes in a playful, interactive way.

So if you’d like to taste the world, discover new sounds, relax and recharge yourself in a beautiful environment in music-loving, good company, this place is for you!

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