Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

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Camp 3: Iberia

Spanish, Catalans, Basques, Andalusians, Portuguese… Maybe the most popular culture of Europe, where during the centuries Latin, Arab, Jewish, Gypsy people and many other nations were living and melting. Their cultures, roots are common, they conquered and populated half of the world yet they preserve their own traditions, dialects and differences. Babel Sound presents even the tiniest details.

Latin dances: what do we call Latin dances? It embraces so many dances, traditions, feelings and hilarious parties that it can’t be entirely explained.

There’re the popular ones, some of those those could be easily learnt and you can go to party right away.

Samba: originally an African ancient folk dance which was brought to Brasilia by slave trading.

Bolero: means „liar”, or it’s a cloth, a musical style and a dance also.

Chachacha combines rumba and mambo. And what is exactly rumba – the overall name for several Cuban dances? And what is mambo – one of the Latin dances in dance sport in the U.S.A. and it’s the New York / Puerto Rico style salsa at the same time. Anyone who wants to know more would have to come and see! 6 days just won’t be enough time.

AND there’re the more complicated, theatrical dances like tango, flamenco. The ones that you can submerge, dissolve and fall in love with and it can become a way of life.

Last but not least every region, every nation has their own folk dance. The Portugal Celina da Piedade researches the Alentejo dances. Nakaira from Sicily brings us tarantella and you will have a taste of Basque folk dance and Castilian dance also.


Flamenco itself is a complex thing: flamenco dance, flamenco singing, flamenco guitar, flamenco rhythms – all of these unite. In Babel Sound you can meet all of the details what’s more you will know what’s the relation between flamenco singing and yoga.

Rhythmy and percussion instruments: 

There’re as many Latin rhythms as Latin dances. Masters come from Chile, Columbia, Spain and Portugal to introduce us their instruments, rhythms, musical and life styles. Ethnosound provides the exciting instruments which you can try, know and pet.


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