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El Naán (ESP)

RED CHAPEL Stage, 19 July 2016, Tuesday, 22:30

El Naán is a group of seven artists living in Palencia, at the very heart of the Castilian moorland.

They belong to a young generation that was born when those rural towns were yet almost deserted, and they have come back to a village with hardly more than 30 inhabitants, rebuilt old adobe houses and developed a new life together with the old people, combining the up-to-date technologies for their cultural work with the manual work in the fields, on agriculture and livestock. Their relationship with tradition is, therefore, direct, so their approach to music is genuine. El Naán pushes Castilian folk music towards the 21st century, using artistic codes that reach both the older people – the owners of the legacy of traditional music – as well as younger people, with their poetic and evocative lyrics, very visual and dynamic staging and their passionate performances.

El Naán’s artistic proposal starts out from traditional Castilian music and connects it with roots music all over the world, turning it into a global proposal. Their second album, Código de Barros, has been self-produced and first published in Spain thanks to a successful crowdfounding. Now it is published by the British label Arc Music, one of the main global references in folk and world music.

Carlos Herrero - vocal, bouzouki, Cuban tres
Héctor Castrillejo - lyrics, bard, VJ
César Díez - electric bass
María Alba - vocal, percussion
Adal Pumarabín - percussion 
Javier Mediavilla - guitar
César Tejero - sax 


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