Songs of the Inner Heart

A concert of Arabic & Jewish ‘Muwashshah’ songs

Rumbach utcai zsinagóga, 1074 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 11-13.

19:00 24th of July 2016

1 000 HUF

Babel Sound is proud to bring you this very special concert – an evening of Andalusian poetry and song, a celebration of Arabic and Hebrew muwashshahaat (موشح/מוושח, pronounced mu-wa-SHaḥ) – poetry by the prominent Muslim and Jewish Andalusian philosophers, Muḥyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and Abraham Ibn Ezra.

The project is a dialogue between the two poets who lived in the beginning of their lives in Arab Spain, and then migrated to the Middle-East where they both lived and died. 

Ibn Ezra, D 1165 and Ibn Arabi D 1240 are still considered important poets in their respective cultures and they both wrote using the same forms and rules despite the difference of language. 

These songs were based on the melodies and rhythms of popular music in medieval al-Andalus. The musicians will be performing 5 poems from them each, 3 of which are in the typical literary Muwashshah form. These are divided into 5 Waslas each of which contains a musical intro, an improvisation and a couple of songs that agree in mood. Three of the Waslas will be sung by both singers, and there is an independent Wasla for each of them.

We are lucky to have the collaboration of internationally renowned musicians including the Egyptian Musician and ney player, Mohammad Antar, who is composing original music for this concert, the Israeli singer Tal Ben Ari who will be singing in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic, the Egyptian singer Bassim Waddie who will be singing in classical Arabic, the Russian oud player Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko and the Polish percussionist Bogusz Wekka who will accompany the performance.

Mohammed Antar (EGY) – Ney
Tal Ben Ari (IZR) – Voice
Bassim Wadie (EGY) - Voice
Bogusz Wekka (POL) – Percussion
Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko (RUS) – Oud
Akash Bhatt - Percussion